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Sometimes I win

My $7,400 student loan to Sallie Mae that I've been trying to get dismissed for the past year finally went away. The school closed over two years ago and we have been going back & forth about proof that I didn't transfer credits (I never got any) to another school That's one of three major hurdles over.

Next one is to get my cuurrent employer to realize I have actually worked for the U.S Government prior to this job (like over 16 years) so my vacation time is right. Vsacation time is based on seniority adn right now I'm getting it like I was brand new to all this. I am leaving on a trip Wednesday and on paper I don't have enough vacation time to cover it as over 2 1/2 weeks is missing.

Last one willprobably be the toughest because of the lost paperwork I have to track down. I have to get the actual piece of paper out of the Army that says "you are retired, and in 2018 we will pay you if you are still alive" I probably won't be, but I want the paper. Maybe martes can use some of it when she becomes a window (inside joke)
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