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Trip Preparations

The van is at least mechanically ready to go, and the exterior has been cleaned. I'm now working on a list of things to make sure it has stocked before we take off on Wednesday. Will not be loading anything for a couple of days yet though.

There are several people we could meet on Wednesday evening, which is the first night out, including ruggels or some relatives of martes. Second night out will be some as yet unnamed campground in Northern California or maybe Oregon. We plan to arrive at conifur sometime mid morning on Friday. Unless we get an early start we won't be there before the dealers room opens, but the people we will be sharing with should already be there so this should not be too much of a problem. We can't check into the hotel room before 2PM anyway.

I don't think we have any details of the return trip mapped out yet.

Since the Fortress of Solitude is once again in the uninhabitable range, I'm going to put laundry away and then assemble books for most of the afternoon.
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