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I am now known to the powers that be at Livejournal

Once a journal has been deleted and purged, there is no way to get it back, unless you are either the database administrator or the guy who founded the whole system. Obviously with over a million users you aren't going to get in direct contact with either of them, only with a bunch of volunteeer helpstaff.

Unless you find a bug in their system roughly equivalent to "Them" (as in the 1954 movie). When an account is renamed, both a new record number and a new name is created, and the old account, with the old name, is still out there, so that it can be redirected to the new account if you so choose. But it is not supposed to be visible to users. With the original "Xcolobri" browse option it wasn't.

The new "Dystopia" browse option lets you manage communities from your main screen via a drop down menu. The previous "Xcolobri" browse option had no such drop down menus. They never discovered that If the deleted journal had been a community, the deleted community still appears in the drop down menu of whoever made it up. And you can change the information, put an email address back in, change the icons, the description, the user info, everything. The only thing that makes it different from an active free account is that it allows only one single icon instead of three, and the fact you cannot actually log into it to post or comment on anything due to the lack of a password.

Once it is undeleted, you can even convert it into a paid account, and the email address turns back on, the web subdomain works, and you can even put in all ten icons. But the password is still blank. If you do a password retreival, it gets mailed to you as the account now has a real email address to mail it to. But the password is still blank, and you cannot use it.

You see, the system will not accept a payment for a deleted account. But now I had a paid up account that was unusable, a situation that should not have been possible to create but for the bug. So once they got over the surprise of a whole new problem that nobody had ever had before, I got a new password mailed to me from the only person who has that kind of access to the system, Mr. bradfitz himself.

So now they know who I am.
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