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White Star Line


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(no subject)

It was a bad day.

Also lost, and without warning, was Tex Ritter's youngest son, probably a lot better known to today's crowd than his father was.

John Ritter seems to have died from the same heart condition, and at about the same age, that Mark Wallace did several years ago.

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doodlesthegreat September 12th, 2003
Well, we could all see what was coming for Johnny. At least he died after getting accolades from the youth of today, which is an amazing thing for a C & W guy to have.

Ritter's the surprise. He seemed fit and healthy last time I saw him on live TV, so there's going to be a lot of shocks.

Hell of a year, isn't it?

mecampbellesq September 12th, 2003
Back when I was still active in the goth community, there was a general consensus that Cash was oficially the only country singer that was GAF (Goth As F**k.) Some of his later albums (especially 'American Recordings') were some of the most moving and spiritual things I've ever heard. He will indeed be missed.

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