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John Barry

Is the same guy who does the James Bond movie soundtracks. Back about five years before the Titanic was found, they made a movie called "Raise the Titanic for which he did the score. I had managed to get some of the cuts off the album through napster just before it went under, but never thought I had any hope of finding the actual complete soundtrack on CD as the movie came out when CD's were just starting to catch on.

But when reading an article on Wired, I read about a new google function called "froogle.google.com" that will search store sites for a product. I typed in "titanic" and lo and behold overstock.com had the soundtrack to the movie. Wow.

Five years after the film was made it became known that raising the ship was impossible even if the technology had existed the day it sank, but it was a nice fantasy.
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