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White Star Line


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Went to calicougar's barbecue yesterday, and had a great time for the few hours I got to be there. It was actually a birthday party for mistahbojangles but I didn't know that until I got there, and so was unprepared for it, which was uncomfortable, though it didn't seem to be anything that was expected.

ruggels showed up, though too late for me to do anything much more than just say hello. Got to see the new Tron 2.0 game, and found out how much computer and game technology has advanced in the year I've been away from it. There is newer and better hardware I didn't even know existed, and even Brian's machine was struggling to keep up with the reguirements of the game he was playing.

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mistahbojangles September 3rd, 2003
There wasn't any birthday-ish expectations, so I apologize if that was left unexplained. It was purely a "let's do a barbecue for fun" effort that happened to occur within days of my birthday.

At least I can still play the games of interest, though that may change soon as the next generation titles start coming out in the coming months.

titanic September 3rd, 2003
I'm considering buying a ready made system instead of building another one myself. Will something like this run the newest stuff, or should I wait for a 64 bit processor too?

mistahbojangles September 4th, 2003
Oh yeah, that system will handle everything coming out for the next year and a half or so before advances will force you to reduce quality settings to the point that things start to get ugly. As it is my personal system (Celeron 2ghz, GeForce 3, 512mb RAM) is enough to run TRON just fine; it's the fact that I have to turn all the details to their lowest in order to maintain a high frame rate that I don't like. The next 12 months will see the introduction of two high-end game engines which will power more high-end games for another two to four years down the road, so the example system you're asking about would do well for at least another two years.

In my case my machine has about one year left to go in the three year lifespan I usually expect a system to last before technology improves to the point where a better system is worth buying, and my time frame is going to coincide close enough to the release of the 64bit processors that I'll probably wait and jump on those rather than buy a new system under the current processor lineup.

titanic September 4th, 2003
Well, as soon as KA offers 3D training to you guys that's going to be sitting in the kitchen. That or whatever the current version of it is at the time. Then Roz's current system will replace the one I'm typing this on and the Celeron 366 becomes a file server or something.

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