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White Star Line


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Me on QM

Long term major trip plans

Our trip for 2003 is the upcoming Conifur/redwood trip at the end of this month. The 2005 trip is an easy choice since it will be our 10th, so we are going back to Florida.

The year in between is still open, and I'm considering an Alaska cruise for 2004. Roz wants to see Alaska and I've never been on any ship larger than about 20 Ft. except for a couple of rides on the Cape May-Lewes ferry (303 t) that I took essentially by accident around 1994.

Smaller trips will fit in there as well, such as Further confusion, las vegas or going to the san Diego zoo, but those don't require a lot of advance planning and will fit in whenever the situation allows and we feel like going. Only the big trips require planning this far out.

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mistahbojangles August 31st, 2003
When you're over here tomorrow I'll show you the big Alaska book that I've got and possibly the Alaska DVD I picked up. Tracy and I are making similar plans but we won't be doing a cruise, rather we'll be flying to Anchorage and going from there.

c_eagle September 1st, 2003
Be careful when you touch mtal in Alaska... it could be quite shocking :>
Keep some keys handy to ground yerself first...

c_eagle September 1st, 2003
er... metal :>

mortonfox September 1st, 2003
How do you take the ferry accidentally?

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