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Been meaning to do this for awhile

One of the benefits of both the military and the US government civilian pay system is the ability to set up allotments. Probably usually get used for alimony, back taxes and child support I suppose..... well not in my case.

My IRA is the governments TSP program, which I already have maxed out. Really good deal that - disbursements from my original Army TSP account kept us goign through the time of my unemployment. The remainder got put in a separate rollover IRA that just sits there until I turn 60 or die.

Allotment #1 is $115 out of every paycheck to Roz's IRA, which over the course of a year puts in $2,990, the maximum allowed being 3K. For 2003 I'll have to send in a check to cover all of the payments I didn't make earlier in the year.

Allotment #2 is an additional $100 out of every paycheck into a savings account for our return trip to Sanibel Island in April of 2005. By then it should be a goodly chunk of change to make a fine trip of it.

It knocks my take home paycheck out of the four figure range, but I feel pretty good about both choices.
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