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Today has not gone incredibly well

Lots of time wasted on what should be trivial things. Took me over 2 hours to get my ebay account back. Spent a lot of the time on the phone to a credit card company regarding double charges and charges from Kinko's that were BS.

Never went to the California Scinece Center exhibit. It seems to be the same one I have already seen twice.

I'm going to be cutting way back on my LJ stuff. I've cut back from 14 journals to 4. Can't really cut back any further than that since my entries are spread out amongst the 4 and there is no provision for combining journals.

Since Pocket LJ lets you have 5 journals in it, I'll probably add my deadjournal back in. outside of that I'll probably take books to work like everyone else fron now on.

huzzah.us points to all of them like it did previously. Seriously, if you WERE interested, you are not missing much anyway. 99% of everything I wrote was in these four.

I'll be doing my ebay auctions tomorrow. Too hot in the garage (where all of my computers are) to do it now anyway.
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