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Your request for eBay Trust & Safety Live Help is being sent now. This program is to assist eBay users with Account Safety issues only. The estimated wait to reach an eBay Trust & Safety representative is approximately 138 minute(s). All Live Help requests are answered in the order they are received. Thank you for your patience.

It would seem that Ebay is all too well aware that they are now the only game in town. There is no competition, and they are aware of this. There is no need of them to care about their non-power sellers.

I knew my account got hacked yesterday, when I received an email from Ebay sayihg my account information had been sucessfully changed and all further contact would go to my new email address. Following which I got email from various people confused about the Mac laptops I was selling (I own nothing Mac related at all).

A google search revealed a large number of web pages that had "ebay phone number" in their keywords. Apparently a lot of people do this particular search.
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