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stuff you see on the freeway at 3AM.

Just north of where Roz works there was a white pickup truck completely stopped in the #2 lane. Fortunately I pay extra attention to my driving at 3AM as drunks are all over the place - adn this may have been one of them. A reasonable guess, since in this case the vehicle was upside down.

Perfectly lined up with the road, and no visible serious external damage. It looked like someone had just picked it up and set it down on the top. Only one other vehicle had stopped and nobody was standing anywhere, so I'm guessing that however this happened, it had just taken place. The pickup trucjk in question even had the emergency blinkers on.

After giving it some thought I figure soemone must have been trying to tow it somewhere with only chains or ropes, and it got away from them. That would mean no injuries - until someone behind me who may not be paying as much attention as I was hits it going 70 MPH like I almost did.
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