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Dead Raccoon in the middle of the Road

Fresh kill too, flies weren't even there yet. What I don't understand is that this is a desert, it's 10:30 AM and it has been daylight for five hours, and this is in the middle of McBean parkway in the middle of a suburb. I've never seen a live raccoon here, and this one was big. What was it doing out in front of the hospital?

At first I thought it was a cat, then a dog because it was too big. I didn't even know we HAD raccoons out here.

Anyway, my one trip out for the day is done, I went to the post office and picked up the phone bill for the cell phone we have that still works. AT&T is my next taks for the day to get them to properly credit the right phone with the right payments so it can be turned back on. But come November they are FIRED and I'm going to change service. Why November? Because that is when I can go to a different phone company and keep my cell phone number that I have had since the Northridge earthquake, a full decade now. That's when the law goes into effect, otherwise I'd dump them for Nextel. The whole phone situation happened becasue I tried to switch to a GSM phone only to discover that GSM doesn't function where I work, which seems rather odd considering the amount of cell phone traffic that probably goes on at that place.

Other tasks include making an appointment for Charlie to go to the vet, and yet another iteration of filling the blue barrel with stuff from the garage. Another cleaning. When I packed up 350 books to send to Ed Zolna the rest of the junk out here absorbed the empty space like taking a handful of mud out of a bucket. Time for some more of these boxes of "stuff" to go. I had allocated today to finish and ship the Zolna order but since I have gotten used to long hours of manual labor, I actually managed to get all of that done in a single day. I got a nice check for the buyout, but Mr. Mastercard ate the whole thing.
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