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All Gone

Well, an additional box of books turned up during the packing - the left overs from the last convention we set a table up at, so Ed got 350 books total. I still have 5 copies of issue #49 that didn't fit in the box, but outside of those (I'll probably take those to Conifur) it's all over and done. I didn't expect to be finished today but I guess I've gotten used to long hours of manual labor.

So that's it, as far as the public is concerned, Huzzah! is history. I have decided that I will sell one of my two file copy sets on Furbid, however. Actually, it will be martes who will be listing it. It contains issues #23 through #49 except for 24, 31 and 33, all of which sold out so fast I didn't remember to grab both file copies, so this set doesn't have them. But all of the other issues in it are mint.
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