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White Star Line


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All Gone

Well, an additional box of books turned up during the packing - the left overs from the last convention we set a table up at, so Ed got 350 books total. I still have 5 copies of issue #49 that didn't fit in the box, but outside of those (I'll probably take those to Conifur) it's all over and done. I didn't expect to be finished today but I guess I've gotten used to long hours of manual labor.

So that's it, as far as the public is concerned, Huzzah! is history. I have decided that I will sell one of my two file copy sets on Furbid, however. Actually, it will be martes who will be listing it. It contains issues #23 through #49 except for 24, 31 and 33, all of which sold out so fast I didn't remember to grab both file copies, so this set doesn't have them. But all of the other issues in it are mint.

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ruggels August 21st, 2003
Vaya con pistolas, Hombre

Sad to see it go, but can't argue with the reasons. Ah Well.


titanic August 22nd, 2003
Well, technically we aren't completely done yet, but as far as the public is concerned, we are.

Will you still be in town when we drive through to get to Conifur? I'd just fly up but I don't want to have to deal with those security guys at the airport, they're all jerks.

mauser August 22nd, 2003
Kinda funny, I keep two file copies as well. Although I didn't do it at first, so one set has the first dozen issues that were done when Ed ordered reprints.

I don't suppose you turned up a #48 for me.... I actually have an otherwise complete set of the publicly available Huzzahs going back to #16.

I've also got overprint/spares that I really should see about getting rid of somehow. Gotta plug them into the inventory without throwing off the current payments in the spreadsheet....

Is Yarf publishing at all? Or am I the last man standing?

titanic August 22nd, 2003
I actually still have cover sets for the last 3 issues, and they were all computer printed, so I can on a limited basis make interiors until I run out of covers, since I can do that at home. So I can make you a #48. I'll be shredding the remaining back covers and probably selling the front covers for a buck apiece in Roz's print book just to get the cost back. My deal with Ed precluded making any more books, as he wanted to advertise that he bought me out. I'm violating that trust if I make more of them. In your case though, the book was already sold, and I don't think he would object to me making a single copy anyway.

You will have the distinction of owning the last commercial copy of Huzzah! ever made!.

Yarf! is still plugging along as a one man show, making issues on a highly irregular basis of dubious quality. If Gallery was anthro only I would say yes, you are the only one left, but you don't promote yourself that way

mauser September 2nd, 2003
I figure you've been kinda busy, but I thought I'd give you a nudge on this.

Finally got a catalog from Zolna, looks like FurVisions is the other game still in town.

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