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White Star Line


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This is going to be a hard two days

If you have been to my personal website (which huzzah.com redirects to now) you may have seen the announcement that Huzzah! is not only out of production, but the entire backstock was purchsed by Ed Zolna. We will not longer have copies for sale at conventions, I will only have Roz stuff.

Today I was going to pack up everything and palletise it for shipment. I have begun to do so and have found that over the years I was particularly lazy. More than half the backstock does not have binding tape on it, and several dozen issues have not even been bound. I guess I know what I'll be doing all day today.....

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mortonfox August 21st, 2003
I clicked through the link on your picture. Wow, I didn't know you had that many journals.


titanic August 21st, 2003
Part of that is because all I can do at work is write Pocket LJ entries, and the client I use won't let me filter posts. Since it is the only internet activity I can do at work, I sort of went overboard with it. Also, I like having a lot of icons.

Besides, I separate out subject matter. With everyone else, you have to listen to everything they say or nothing. With me, you get to chose. personal stuff goes one place, work stuff goes another place, fan stuff goes to a couple of others.

It's excessive I suppose, but for 55 hours a week all I can do internet related is write pocket LJ entries - and that's what you get. Blame the fact my original permanent account lets me have all these codes1

Re: Well....

c_eagle August 22nd, 2003
You seem to be in the forefront of a great deal of things, domain names, LJ as a medium, and many technological gadgets :>

titanic August 29th, 2003
I decided that having that many journal swas indeed rediculousl and have reduced it to only four. I cannot cut back any further unless someone comes up with a way to combine journals - and as yet I have not seen any such thing. I wish it existed though.

hakeber August 21st, 2003
Yeah, Ed has been a busy beaver. He hit Jim up for stuff as well.

I am, however, glad to see Ed back. I missed him.

Too bad he didn't come back a year ago

titanic August 21st, 2003
Things might have been different. Huzzah! was put out of production primarily due to cost. When Ed was in business it was actually profitable to do, however it got to where I was losing $500 to $800 an issue when I finally called it. Ed buying all of the backstock took the sting off this year at least, and since Huzzah! is no longer a business (it lost money for too long) and just a hobby, it was no longer a tax write off. Even with the money from Ed, it did not break even this year.

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