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White Star Line


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The RipFlash Pro works OK, but

It decides where to start and end an MP3 file based on the background noise from the source. I can adjust this up or down to a degree, but the bottom line is that I wind up with what I want in chunks of the wrong length. I need to be able to combine them and break them back up where I want to.

The "Radio Your Way" makes it's own proprietary format, and I can due to the low sound quality (it can record at best at 32) and the fact I have to convert it's files through WAV format anyway, I can use soundrecorder. But the ripflas makes MP3 files directly, and I have no way to edit those.

Any recommendations from anyone? I actually need a fairly good product.

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c_eagle August 17th, 2003
..How long does it take to make, say, a 3 minute mp3 ?
All the encoders I've seen take near realtime to do them (i.e. a 3minute file just under 3 minutes to make).
The encoder I use is old, and freeware for Mac.. It makes a full mp3 from a full AIFF, no audio level issues, but to make those long radio shows you need, it might not help.

Perhaps download.com or tucows.com has some suggestions?

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