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White Star Line


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The air conditioner in my car is slowly failing. Again. Every day it cools about a degree less than the day before.

At this point winter is close enough that I don't intend to get it repaired or recharged. It woudl just be another tankful of CFC's to bleed into the environment. It lasts as long as it lasts. For a 10 year old car with 182,000 miles on it the 94 Saturn SL2 is actually doing very well.

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ruggels August 12th, 2003
Fix it, and get it refilled, because you neve rknow when you need it. Or get rid of the car. A/C is up there with Brakes as a necessity. (at least for me)


I't getting fixed

titanic August 14th, 2003
It just passed the 180,000 mile mark, and a major service comes every 30,000 miles. So it went to the shop today.

I got to drive martes car around for a bit this morning. Made me realize just how beat up my car actually is.

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