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White Star Line


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OK, Ego be damned

I need the best CD-RW drive that exists. I can pay.

I do not need DVD compatibility. But I need a CD-RW that WORKS. I got my existing BTC drive because it was cheap, and Windows XP won't even recognize it as being a CD-RW.

I need something better than this piece of shit.

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shockwave77598 August 8th, 2003
I personally have an HP9300i internal IDE drive. Never had so much as a seconds trouble with it. But that's old tech now; slow compared to what you can buy off the shelf these days. And lots of techy types swear by Plextor units like this one:

And yes, I've bought from PCConnection before - I chose regular shipping once and the box was still on my doorstep in 2 days. Reliable company.

unciaa August 8th, 2003
WinXP? As in, no piece of software recognises it as a burner, or as in "WinXP has some generic burning software that doesn't work"? If the second, just find a decent burning app, like Nero. If first, well,... Burners are cheap. LiteON is a good price/quality ratio, Toshiba isn't bad,... Pretty much anything that costs over $50US will work nicely these days.

mistahbojangles August 8th, 2003
This is the drive that I bought last december to replace the one that got screwed because of the SCSI power surge problem:

Yamaha CRW-F1

It's listed on Pricewatch.com for under $100 and a couple Ebay auctions list similar, but you'll probably find it at Fry's for $115 to $135.

I bought it because I was originally annoyed with the way WinXP handled my old CD Burner and because I wanted the least chance of every screwing up a cd again. Since I got the drive I've burnt 200+ discs and I think in all that time I only lost one disc and that was a problem I introduced rather than the drive. I read one review about it on Tom's Hardware about how it's probably as good as CD-RW drives are going to get because the time is fast approaching where all R&D will be focused on DVD burners and CDs will slide into obsolescence. Read the review and you'll know all that you need to know about it. I totally recommend it.

OK, I'll look for one of these

titanic August 9th, 2003
Now that we have Sony MP40's in both cars, I want to make up MP3 disks so that we can leave the regular real CD's at home. I made up master sets to burn on disks, and then fought with that BTC drive for about two hours before I gave up. Windows recognizes it as a CD-Rom drive just fine, but I can't burn anything.

I suppose players already exist that can play audio DVD's, but that's what, 50+ hours of music all encoded at high quality? I mean, I *only* commute 15 hours a week!

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