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Sallie Mae

Just got an email from them saying that my request to have my loan from masters Institute discharged was denied as they did not receive any official documentation from the new school I attended as to whether I was able to transfer any credits or not.

First off, they never asked for that.

Secondly, they didn't bother to ask for it now, they just informed me that since I never supplied a document that was never requested, that my loan has reverted to it's former status, and if that makes it delinquent, then so be it.

The Sallie Mae web site still says no payment is due until November 18, which may either be due to the site not being updated in any sort of timely manner (why should they bother?) or because my request for a 6 month forbearance was independant of the discharge request and they are not connected, so one does not affect the other.

So now I suppose I have to get University of Phoenix to issue a letter that no credits were transferred. Should be no problem, since masters Institute never gave me any credit for anything, and the course of study at UOP was completely different anyway. I suppose I can accomplish that in three months.
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