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White Star Line


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California and Cars

Cost of re-registering my 9 year old car = $61.00

Cost of re-registering martes car = $410.00

Cost of re-registering same car a year from now if Davis is still in office = $1,230.00

California's new car tax will basically end sales of new vehicles to anyone not in the top 5% income range. It's going to be like the situation I ran into when it came to owning an airplane - I could afford to buy, but not afford to own it.

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shockwave77598 August 1st, 2003
Damn! And I thought paying Texas 75$ for the wife's Pontiac was a rip! :(

hakeber August 1st, 2003
All of which is why I'm so glad I live in a state like Wisconsin, with it's flat rate. $65/yr for personlized plates, regardless of vehicle age or value.

martes August 1st, 2003
the fee doesn't have anything to do with my vanity plate--that's a seperate thing. It's a huge fee hike for *everyone* with a newer car. Sucks choads.

hakeber August 1st, 2003
Here the fee for the plates and the vanity are all one. Thankfully. It's cheapness probably explains why so many in this state have them.

kurtoons August 1st, 2003

It doesn't look like my job is going to call me back any time soon then. I work in the auto industry, but because orders are down I've been laid off since May. Something like that won't help auto sales any.

shockwave77598 August 1st, 2003
Which is kinda surprising since one of the big pushes in California seems to be cleaner air and getting older cars off the road would do that - the tax should go up for the older machines and down for newer, not the other way around.

ruggels August 1st, 2003
"Smog II" was suppose3d to go into effect a few years ago, where cars older than 20 years that did not pass smog check would be confiscated and scrapped, Car collectotrs and the poor rose up and innudated Sacramento over this unjust confiscation and it was withdrawn. it has since returned with a very very damaging smog check for older cars, that is far far more expensive, because the car has to be checked with "rollers" at various speeds, with a sensor up the tail pipe restricting exhaust flow. if the car does nto pass, or it breaks, tough shit, you have to fix it on your dime. No word of a second round of protests yet.


xianjaguar August 1st, 2003
Oh please oh please let the whole recall thing go through. Hopefully in October (?) we will have a new guy in office.
Perhaps even Arnold! "Davis, I must TERMINATE you!"

Because ANYONE has got to be better than Grey Davis.

authorised highway robbery

c_eagle August 1st, 2003
Just another thing to stifle the economy, despite efforts in other sectors to jolt it. :/

...and proof that the party someone is associated with doesn't matter.. it's the timbre of the candidate themself to be aware of.

The only way I can keep automotive hope in light of this, is that this triple-tax just simply *cannot* last. It cannot!
I heard a number of lobbys are already fighting for us... such as the Jarvis group and others. Hopefully it will be repealed within months.
If not.. *ulp*

And it's our legislators that need to show their guts and stand up too..not just the governor :|

smog check

(Anonymous) November 17th, 2003
I hate the fuckin smog check

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