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White Star Line


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Now that martes and my cars have 50W Sony CD players in them, the 22W Cd player in the van suddenly sounds like crap. It also will not play MP3 disks and it has no anti-shock buffer as it is about 8 years old I think. Any significant bump, or even when the engine is running in the RPM range where it is a bit rough, makes it skip. I used to beable to tolerate that, but now I'm too picky. and 22 watts is now not enough when the car has 55.

And we gotta drive all the way to Conifur and back with that.

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mistahbojangles August 1st, 2003
So "Keeping Up with the Joneses" has now become keeping up with yourself...

You're driving all the way to Conifur? How many days do you have planned for that?

titanic August 1st, 2003
If I am alone and in the car I can do it in 2 days, but the van will take 3. Also we want to stop at various places either on the way out or on the way back.

I can't justify upgrading the player in the van as we are just not in it all that much. I'm in my car 15+ hours a week.

Being able to play CDRW's full of MP3 files has proven to be a real boon. Instead of having a case of my original CD's in the car, I now have about 5 disks with the same stuff on them, and even then I can re-arrange what's on them whenever I want to.

By the way, If you have anything on a cassette tape or a regular LP album I have the equipment to make MP3's of it now.

mistahbojangles August 1st, 2003
Yes, the portability bonus is the reason why I made sure to get an mp3 player; beats all Hell out of having to carry a cd collection around in the car.

I'll check my tape collection out. It's been years and years since I bothered even looking at those so I doubt there's anything pressing to listen to again that I don't already have in cd quality, but maybe something's there I've forgotten.

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