Dwight J. Dutton (titanic) wrote,
Dwight J. Dutton

have to change out Roz's CD player tomorrow

Her old car CD player broke, and whle still under warranty, that model is no longer made. So we had to get it replaced with a different kind.

She doesn't like the new one. In choosing a replaccmem, I had given up the ability to play tapes in the car for the added function of being able to play MP3 disks, a fair trade I think. Unfortunately the sound quality on the new model is not as good as the Jensen we previously had.

Since I had finally decided that spending 15 hours a week in my car justified getting a CD player, I got one for my car as well, even though the car is almost a decade old with 180,000+ miles on it. I did save the stock casette radio for when I finally trade the car in .

I chose a different model for my car, and while she does not like the Panasonic model, she martes seems Ok with the one I chose for myself (which I thought she would not like), which is a Sony. I'll go back tomorrow to get hers changed out for one like mine. That will provide an additional advantage in that both cars will have the same sterio system. She does drive mine from time to time.
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