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Farewell to the Phillips Cassette

I used to use the other formats too - not just the 8 track of legend, but the other competing formats that were all out there when tape was new. Other formats that died out quickly included 4-track and "playtape". All but the Phillips cassette were endless loop type cartridges, and all faded out quickly except the 8-track which took a little bit longer.

And now, as far as we are concerned, the Audio tape is completely history.

Neither the home stereo nor any of the 3 vehicles we have contain a cassette player anymore. All are straight CD. The cars can also play MP3 music as well, which is a big plus. The van got it's CD player years ago and so can only play regular audio disks, but we seldom use it so that's ok.

Thanks to my ripflash 2 from pogoproducts, I am now converting all of the aging cassette tapes we have to MP3's so they can be put in the new format, which is also incidentally a lot more resistant to heat damage. I can also put two weeks worth of Howard Stern on a single CD, so martes can now have all the Howard she could ever want.
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