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White Star Line


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Goodbye to the Ace of Hearts and the Ace of Clubs

at least in the original Iraqi deck. Still have not figured out who those are in the_deck currently under construction.

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mortonfox July 23rd, 2003
What is the_deck about?

kurtoons July 24th, 2003
Just as the Iraqi deck immortalizes Saddam's Wacky Evildoers as playing cards ("Gotta Catch 'Em All!"), this deck intends to do the same with important people in furry fandom; not just the famous ones but also those who are beyond famous (or infamous). Unlike the the Iraqi deck, which lists and ranks the vilest specimens of Saddam's regime, the Furry Deck will honor the nice folk who make furry fandom a joy as well as the yitzes, jerks, and creeps whom we all love to hate.

ex_space_wo July 24th, 2003
It *briefly* started out as the same concept, but very quickly evolved into something a lot more socially acceptable to the fandom.

Currently the biggest problem seems to be the number of people who will be put off by the fact they weren't included.

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