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White Star Line


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(no subject)

Well, the new work schedule is an irritation. Not a disaster, but I traded a quarter of an hour of paid overtime for a half hour of traffic jam. I can see myself listening to a lot of audio books.

I have also discovered that subscribing to several online newspapers gives me little additional information as the top stories tend to be the same on all of them. Lots of repitition. and not even from different viewpoints. Once you have the Reuters newsfeed you pretty much have everything anyway.

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mistahbojangles July 22nd, 2003
I haven't spent much time reading news via online newspapers as the internet outlets for the TV studios does a pretty good job of it and has the occaisional bonus of providing video as well. If you want to see the same topics discussed from multiple viewpoints a good direction to try would be news outlets from foreign countries. BBC.com is the site I most often use.

c_eagle July 23rd, 2003
Indeedy.. and BBC news on cable tv is still about the only *real* news left, what with hours of pre-empting carchases and 80% entertainment 'news' on u.s.a. stations... ;P
Thanks for the Reuters reminder too..

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