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Well, I figured out what was making my eyes hurt.

I thought it was something at work, but apparently it was that 17" GEM monitor that was causing all the problems. The brightness and contrast had to be turned all the way up in order to actually get a good picture on the thing. and it had to be about 12" away from my face in order to fit int eh space for it as it was so large.

I now have an ImageQuest L705 flat screen. Same resolution, and it can sit about twice as far away from me. In addition to not going blind, I also have more table space as a result. So now two of the four computers here have been changed over to flat panel displays, and I'm happy enough with the other two the way they are. Problem solved.

As it happens, this new thing is sitting on my weakest computer as that has most of my software in it that I use everyday, and the video card in here can't drive the display to it's full capacity, but it will do. I have to either upgrade this whole system eventually as it is a Celeron 366 and that just doesn't cut it anymore.
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