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White Star Line


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(no subject)

Went to get martes medicine before the movie. Some woman in front of me was getting her medication plus $150 of other stuff that took ten minutes to ring up, at which point she discovered she had $163 worth of crap and only $150 in cash. The teller did not know how to void the transaction so I had to wait for the manager to come over and do it. She took out a couple of items and went through he whole process again. Total came up to $150.63.

She had $150. If I had any money at all at that point I would have given her the 63 cents to get her out of the way. I didn't. Another voided transaction and another 10 minutes to ring it all up. I can't go to another register either, all prescription drugs have to be bought at this one counter.

I finally got out of the place after 25 minutes and got to the movie theater just in time to see them put up the same "Pirates 4:30 sold out" sign I saw last Thursday..........

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frysco July 15th, 2003
Can you book tickets online for this particular theater?

titanic July 15th, 2003
That might be the only possible use for Fandango, since it has no provision for printing tickets online. You still have to wait in line with the same credit card used for purchase to convert your printout into actual tickets. No matter, I'll get tickets early on Thursday for 4:30 that day and still go see the film after the weather gets hot.

ben_raccoon July 15th, 2003
That's why I like AMC. Buy online, then go to the little automated booths next to customer service, swipe your card, push a button, and it spits 'em out at you. Even the stupid people can figure it out..

Though... there probably aren't any AMC's up in your area, huh?

All we have is the Regal.

titanic July 17th, 2003
It's actually quite nice, and I have tickets in hand for Today, so I'm in good shape.

The Regal has that 'Fandango" thing,a nd you can buy tickets online, and supposedly get the m printed out at a couple of terminals located in front of the theater, but they don't work and never have, so I just do things like I always did and just go early and buy them before it sells out. And it WILL sell out again, this movie is that good.

I beat the rush out last time and only afterwards found out there was something after the end credits, so there will be something new to see this time. Without any knowledge as to what it is, I'm guessing it has something to do with the actual ride at Disneyland, but I'll find out today.

louz July 15th, 2003
That totally sucks man... if it wasn't to pick up a prescription, I would have put it off, but since it was something important... stupid cashier at the register... and stupid person in front of the line too...

&*(%($@!# cashier doofuses.. ;P

c_eagle July 16th, 2003
ack... that kinda thing just tanks >:|

Anyway, you'll get to the movie soon, wasted time aside.. and I think you'll like it. Just saw it today, ...the writing is a riot, and the friend I went with actually said it was the best movie they've seen so far this year.

Uh... you do mean Pirates I think, and not Sinbad...? ;>

Take care...

btw, my mom usually gets a good laugh when I mention the work escapades re: things you run across, since she used to do a lot of that... usually she will also ask what the destination is, but I tell her that this information is probably not encountered in your position.
live crabs... yeek! :D

Re: &*(%($@!# cashier doofuses.. ;P

titanic July 17th, 2003
"Sinbad" is apparently another movie where youhave to wonder why it was animated. It could have been filmed with better effect for less money.

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