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Went to get martes medicine before the movie. Some woman in front of me was getting her medication plus $150 of other stuff that took ten minutes to ring up, at which point she discovered she had $163 worth of crap and only $150 in cash. The teller did not know how to void the transaction so I had to wait for the manager to come over and do it. She took out a couple of items and went through he whole process again. Total came up to $150.63.

She had $150. If I had any money at all at that point I would have given her the 63 cents to get her out of the way. I didn't. Another voided transaction and another 10 minutes to ring it all up. I can't go to another register either, all prescription drugs have to be bought at this one counter.

I finally got out of the place after 25 minutes and got to the movie theater just in time to see them put up the same "Pirates 4:30 sold out" sign I saw last Thursday..........
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