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"Porates of the Caribbean", 3rd time is the charm (No Spoilers, this was all written before the movi

I wanted to go to the 1:15 show, but I got held up picking up martes car from the shop (with the CD player still broken I might add) so I decided to go to the 4:30 show. Still a matinee price, and I could beat the crowds. I thought. Sold out.

Yet I really wanted to see the film today, before I saw too much more of it in previews and advertisements. So I got tickets for 7:45. Got there an hour early, already 100 people in line.

The line itself was entertaining. Guy about my age with a mexican wife telling me about all the ghosts in their house. Not like I asked, but he made the wait an entertainment in itself.

We got inside. Theater is full as it was sold out, and nobody wants to sit next to the fat smelly guy. More pre-film entertainment ensues.

The 20. As in minutes of advertisements you have to watch before the movie comes on. 70's M&M commercial was nice. Drink commercials all suck.

Now the previews will start. I hope. They are already running late. Here we go. "Seabiscut" looks OK. "Radio" looks dull. "Envy" looks stupid. "Hidalgo" looks OK. "Last Samauri" looks OK. "Freaky Friday" is probably ok for a teenage girl, but I won't pay money or wait in line for any of them.

Eddy Murphy is going to star in the next movie based on a ride, "Haunted Mansion". As mcuh as I don't like Eddie Murphy, based on the Preview, this is going to work too.

The ENTIRE Disney ride is in this movie. Scattered around in bits and pieces in a 2 1/2 hour film, but it's all there. Watch for it! If you have been on the ride a few times, ther are a lot of inside jokes hidden in the film just for you!

I'm hard on films. I didn't rave about Terminator 3, and I actually didn't like LOTR either, but this is definately 4 stars. It takes a LOT for me to say that!
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