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Oh Well, better late than never I suppose

martes birthday present came today. Unfortunately her birthday was MONDAY.

It was worth the wait for it though. Top of the line Intuous2 9x12 Wacom tablet. What she is presently using is what used to be the top of the line Wacom at the time we got it in 1995. Outside of a really cheap digital camera, it is the only thing left here that connects to a regular serial port. It works fine, but lately it seems to take a little more pen pressure to get it to respond than the tablet she has at work, and I wanted to make both the home and work setups the same so she didn't have to adjust back & forth.

I breifly debated either hooking the old one up to a computer in the garage, or keeping it for mobile use with the laptop, since it is of the same 1995 vintage and has no USB port on it. However, I have no need whatsoever of a wacom on my own computer, and I can't imagine a Wacom for the laptop being much use except for one day a year at a convention impressing people by the mere fact I can set one up at a convention so people can doodle on an ancient Thinkpad 380D. So now we have a spare.....
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