Dwight J. Dutton (titanic) wrote,
Dwight J. Dutton

Home Improvement

All the damaged window screens have been replaced, including the cheap door that kept falling off.

The old front lawn is being killed off, to include the fungus and other crap that made us have to spend $625 to replace it. But it will finally all be one kind of grass.

Thursday the plumber will be here to re-attach the WC to where it corroded off the floor.

The neighbor on one side of us owns a landscaping business and is doing the yard work. The neighbor on the other side dld handyman work while he was unemployed, and will be doing the last task, which is touch up repair painting where the Ivy messed up the house paint.

Then comes two lower priority things - the shower in the master bedroom was unusable when we moved in and was never repaired. We seem to ge by just fine without it, so I will have it removed and replaced with more storage shelves. Also, Roz wants a new couch. But those are not time critical, so they can wait until the rest of the credit card debt is gone.

It's not like I will be in the market for new computer eguipment anytime soon. Working a 63 hour week at a job with no internet access and an additional 15 hours spent commuting has seriously diminished my internet presence. As I have said before, all of these posts are coming off a pocket PC or a Visor in an environment of complete news isolation. I can't evn do livejournal comments until I get home, and at that point of the day the garage is usually at 95+, and neither the computers nor myself can take the heat.

Therefore I typically nap from 4-7PM, listening to Internet Radio. Then after martes gets home, have dinner and watch some TV, and use her PC, which is located inside te house.. At this time of the year there is only about an hour of usable time from when the garege cools back down and i have to go to bed for about another 4 hours of sleep.
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