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White Star Line


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Before I got my current job, I went out and retook the test for a basic security guard license. This would have been about August, as by September I had secured my current employment.

The license came today. TODAY!?!? This is what, TEN MONTHS LATER? This is the same state government that took a month to tell me I could not have my custom license plate, and another five months to refund the $90 they took before they told me.

At least the license is good for three years from this month, not three years from when I took the test. I had thought it might be necessary for me to work two jobs to make ends meet, also my current job might not have worked out for various reasons. With my current 71 hour work week I obviously did not need a security guard license but still, ten months? don't they WANT people to have jobs and pay taxes?

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ruggels June 24th, 2003
I have not yet got mine and it's been nearly 6 (in about 2-3 weeks it will be the Gun Card tends to not arrive until 11 months pass. however you can get the cvard in two weeks if you go to Sacramento in Person and badger the slow movcing elderly black man behind the glass to get out of his chair and go to the filing cabinet and process your paperwork as you watch. Apparently opnly 3 opr 4 people process the entire state.


titanic June 24th, 2003
How are you working? You can work with a temporary guard card but not a temporary gun card???

ruggels June 26th, 2003
Well, for one, I drive. I rarely get out of the truck, and that's usually just to piss, or buy a fast food lunch. For seconds, anyone can klegally use a shotgun, and there's one always next to my left elbow in the truck. When I was out of the truck guarding, I was using a shotgun rigged as a "Barricade" gun in that it was using solid slug ammo (alternating with double ought buchshot) and was equipped with rifle sights. No pistol until the gun card arrives.


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