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White Star Line


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Harry Potter Mania

Last night Roz & I went to the Barnes & Noble at midnight to try and get a copy of the new Harry Potter book.

There were about a thousand people in the store. That is not an exaggeration, this store is a block wide and it was standing room only. They had been giving out places in line four hours earlier to kids who had spent the past two weeks in "Harry Potter School". Two weeks of "School" so you can stand in line for four hours to buy a fiction book?

The parking lot was completely full, and I have never seen that except on the night of 4th of July fireworks. We figured out pretty quickly it was a waste of time, besides, we both had to get up at 6:30 the next morning to pick up a bunch of people for a picnic in Irvine we were all going to. On the way out I stopped at the Ralph's to get sodas and snacks for the picnic.

They had the same Harry Potter book, 40% off, including a bag of cookies and a 6 pack of diet coke. This is like, 6 hours later.

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yippee June 21st, 2003
I suppose it's all the hype of getting the book as soon as it came out. Kind of like the hype from when Star Wars episode 1 came out. Perhaps something "neat" you could say you did, years down the line. I'm not sure if people would be impressed if you mentioned you stood in line four hours for a book.

While I was at Borders at 12:03 I saw some poor soul with some CDs in hand asking around, "Where can I go just to pay for these and leave?"

Just before your posting, I saw another friend say she just FINISHED reading the book already.

tuftears June 21st, 2003
For 40% off you got the book *and* a bag of cookies and a six-pack of diet coke? Boy, they really wanted to make sure that you enjoyed reading the book. ('gryn)

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