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White Star Line


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OK, it's a bit much

I have never slept for 15 hours before. I figured that would wait until I was dead.

I got a migraine headache about an hour after getting home from work yesterday, so I took my Imtrix pill and went to bed. About an hour later I took regular asprin for the resulting headache (this is OK, by the way) and went to sleep around 5:30 PM to sleep off the headache.

I got up at 7AM. I still have some of the blurry vision remnants, but they aren't too bad. But I have NEVER slept for 14.5 hours straight before.

My normal work week is still Sunday through Wednesday 11 hour days. Due the the loss of personnel they are asking anyone who can to come in on their off days. I had told them I could as long as they worked me only a regular 8 hour day so I could beat the traffic home.

I'm guessing most of this was the Migraine, but I'm just going to work the extra Fridays for now. I do need one catchup day a week, and Thursday is the day martes is home anyway. Besides, today the cleaners are coming.

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loiosh_de_talto June 19th, 2003
Interestingly enough, I just woke up after a 14 hour sleep for the first time in my life.

My eyes are constantly watering, and I feel like I have a headache that wants to develop but will never happen.

I'm just not designed to sleep more than nine hours.

ex_space_wo June 19th, 2003
Go sleep deprived for a week, then get a migraine. That will do it.

loiosh_de_talto June 19th, 2003
I'm impressed you can work the hours you do. The only time I ever got close was when working for ComPath. I developed a tic on my right eye for the duration of the deprevation.

Strangely enough, I have never had a migraine.

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