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White Star Line


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Posting will be light for awhile

I am now working a 71 hour work week at a job I commute 480 miles a week to. Since I have no internet access at work, there may not be a lot of postings from me for awhile. I will still be reading and commenting as time permits, so I will still be here.

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yippee June 18th, 2003
Is this still to LAX? Yikes...

titanic June 19th, 2003
I settled for 63 hour weeks for now. I'm only going to work one of my days off a week, I can't handle it with no breaks at all.

dustmeat June 19th, 2003
71 hours a WEEK???? That...is so wrong...

ex_space_wol421 June 19th, 2003
Seems there was a problem with some of my co-workers, which resulted in them no longer being employed by TSA, so the rest of us have to make up for it....

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