Dwight J. Dutton (titanic) wrote,
Dwight J. Dutton

Anthrocon 2002

First of all, I have nothing but compliments for the convention staff. Very professional, very organized, well run convention.

I will, however, never be back.

To get to this convention cost us:

$493.00 Airfare (and that was on Orbitz, with a *lot* of searching)
$118.00 Shuttle service on this end
$ 55.00 Taxi on that end
$457.00 Room expense. And that was after giving up the suite.
$150.00 for the dealers tables
$ 77.00 Food, supplies & incidentals

In short, it cost us $1350 to go to the convention. We will instead be going to CCD for our July convention in the future. Roz gets into San Diego comicon for free as a professional, A table at CCD costs $25, and sharing a hotel room brings the total cost to about $200.

If we drive the camper van to Further Confusion, that also costs about $200 total.

Most of the people we see at the dealers table at Anthrocon also attend Further Confusion, and for that matter, Rabbit Valley carries our book anyway.

Simple economics, people.
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