Dwight J. Dutton (titanic) wrote,
Dwight J. Dutton


Interesting program. There is a kiosk in front of the movie theater that can take graphics files and make stickers out of them, like you find on car windows and the like. Usually one of the characters from Calvin and Hobbes peeing on something, or else praying in front of a cross. It seems to require more specialised equipment than someone would want to have at home. I can see how it would be a great setup for someone to have at a convention though. And now that I think about it, I have never seen anyone with this setup.

While in front of the theater I saw a table setup with three theater employees sitting at it hawking memberships a freguent movie goer club. It as free so I got the card for it. In addition to periodic rewards like snacks and tickets you also get free popcorn on Thursdays. Since that is one of my days off that will work out nicely. Wish they had this last week, or even yesterday, but it's nice to have it now.
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