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2,655 Frequent Flyer miles on a bankrupt airline

That's what my visa card did for me last month. Whoopee. Then again, if United actually is around a year from now, I'll have enough miles for a ticket to PA, which could come in handy, since I already have enough on American for the same thing, provided they also are around at that point. That's how martes and I got to Anthrocon the first year we went.

For a substantial part of yesterday evening, Livejournal was unreachable, and I came to fully understand just how much it has replaced Usenet and even mailing lists for keeping people in touch with each other. I'm sort of worried about how all of us are now dependant on a single site. Unlike Usenet, LJ is a single entity and there is no guarantee they will be in business forever. For all it's drawbacks, at least Usenet will always be around. Perhaps via RSS feeds the other journal sites can link in or something. At the moment this is all one big database that could just go poof at any time.

Someone also mentioned the possibility of web spiders posting advertisement comments in journals. I wonder how long that's going to take.
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