Dwight J. Dutton (titanic) wrote,
Dwight J. Dutton

Pocket LJ was acting up again yesterday and didn't sync on this user ID, so only the other journal got an update.

I'm still wondering where everybody will go if LJ ever goes out of business. This site seems to have pretty much replaced usenet for a lot of things. Unlike usenet though, it is a single site and it CAN disappear all at once.

Found out over my weekend how things from disused hobbies can get scattered around. I did Geocaching for the first time in 7 months but could not find my stuff from when I was active. Got a case for the video camera after having it for 7 years, but could not find any of the 4 batteries for it. Bought a Safe but could not find all the items that were supposed to go in it either. At least now when I do find these things I have a place for them to go where they won't be lost again.

I have several house repairs I need to schedule in the not too distant future. Exiting things like house paint, a toilet. window screens, and lawn sprinklers (again). At this point the front lawn itself needs to be replaced. It's uneven, consists of three or more kinds of grass, is overrun with some kind of fungus, and has that dead tree the city gave us.
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