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White Star Line


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(no subject)

ruggels old company just went under.

Also, United Airlines seems to be trading at $0.00 for some reason.

HUGE foldout poster for the Disney "Pirates of the Caribbean" movie in todays paper. The trailer for it actually looked good, and it has Johnny Depp in it, so I'll go see.

I'm goign to spend the early part of the day going back to a hobby I've not done since I started working for TSA, I will go looking for Geocaches during the morning while it is still cool. When it heats up I'll clean up the house from all the guests we have had for the past couple of days and get ready to go back to work tomorrow morning.

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shockwave77598 May 30th, 2003
I remember that company. They made a console about (I recall) 10 years ago. If I remember correctly, the 3do console was close to 700$ and had next to no games available.

tuftears May 30th, 2003
Predictable, re: 3DO. They were cutting muscle, not fat-- the fat was in the head. (smyrk)

based on what I see at work:

titanic June 1st, 2003
PS2 and Xbox are equally popular, with the gamecube less so. At least according to what people fly with.

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