Dwight J. Dutton (titanic) wrote,
Dwight J. Dutton


One of the people I work with came in today looking like utter crap. Apparently the neighbors he has are Mexican and were playing the same oom-pah music over and over again last night loud enough to shake his house.

he lives even farther from work than I do, out in Riverside somewhere. i have to get up at 2:40 AM to go to work so it must be even earlier for him Apperently he got little or no sleep last night. Glad I live in a relatively quiet neighborhod with people who behave on either side of me.

In other news, since I conveniently work with the same airline golden_buckeye is flying in on today, I can watch the flight on the status board as it slowly moves up the screen. She should actually be in the air right now as I write this. That flight usually comes in at gate 64 but due to the damage gate 64 took last week it will be coming in at gate 69B. I might get off work in time to meet her at the gate but we can meet at baggage claim if I can't make it. I get off work about the time the flight arrives.

We will be going to see "The Producers" on Wednesday. I drive by huge signs for that show every day when I leave the airport parking lot and I inally gave in and got tickets for it. Of course, none of my good clothes fit very well anymore.....
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