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Reminder letter for Issue #47

Here's the text of what went out in the reminder letter for issue #47. I can already see an error in who is scheduled for covers, but nontheless here it is.

Well, here's the reminder letter for issue #43 of HUZZAH! For which the deadline is August 18, with the issue going in the mail on the 27th. As always, is the first Saturday following the 15th of the month, which in this case is the 18th.

Anthrocon 2002 broke its own record, remaining the largest ever furry convention. There were 1,600+ people officially present. There may be even more next year, but it won?t include me.

We solved the toner problem, next issue will be entirely laser printed on an HP2200 with a 1200 DPI resolution. I have determined that I actually *can* use toner refill kits without it being a disaster. This letter, for example, is being printed with a toner cartridge that has already been refilled twice. This brings the cost of doing the book down quite a bit in terms of money. It takes about twice as long to produce as it all has to be collated by hand now, but the final product will be the best possible.

Issue #47 will be printed using extra bright paper and will have none of the offset printing press problems that plagued issue #46. For those who got the badly done offset copies last time, I now have ones printed here that look beautiful. Let me know and I can send you a good copy. We will also have a table at ?Critter Con Diego? and I can swap it out there. There is a tremendous difference between what the issue was supposed to look like and what some of you got.

If you are doing your own scanning please follow the instructions posted by Scott Ruggels on how to do it. Any questions ask. I can correct scanning errors to a degree, but if you lost a lot of image quality in the initial scan I can?t bring it back. And at 1200 DPI it will probably show.


Issue Deadline Published Front Cover
#47 15 August 2002 30 August 2002 Erica Rosengarten
#48 15 November 2002 30 November 2002 Heather Reisen
#49 15 February 2003 30 February 2003 Karen Krajenbrink
#50 15 May 2003 30 May 2003 Everybody


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http://groups.yahoo.com/group/huzzah-members/ the old email based list which only members can see, retained mainly for the files upload procedure.
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