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White Star Line


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Last issue of Huzzah! goes out tomorrow

The next two days are my "weekend" and among other things I will be assembling and mailing out the last regular issue of Huzzah!. Aftter that, it's over.

Issue #50 is a commemorative issue just for the members, and will look a bit different from the other issues. Among other things, therewill be quite a bit more color in it, it will be professionally copied and made in a much smaller quantity than the issues that came before it. As has been said before, it will not be for sale. This is the last issue that can be bought.

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kayjkay May 21st, 2003
Awesome....but erm..... do all members get it, past and present or just.....current members?


titanic May 22nd, 2003
Everybody who was ever a member will be invited to contribute to the last one. Everyone who does will get a copy. This would eveninclude people like Tom Linehan who contributed to issue #5 in 1991 and then never did again - though I doubt I could find him now.

Re: #50

dustmeat May 22nd, 2003
And Nami Jarrett, wherever she is.

dragonsmirk May 22nd, 2003
Any ideas how many issues of #50 will be produced? I have in mind possibly including some color pages for my submission, but I'd provide them myself instead of making you guys pay for it.

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