Dwight J. Dutton (titanic) wrote,
Dwight J. Dutton

Today isn't starting out well

I found out over the past couple of days that my cd player arrangement in my car is pathetic. First of all it isn't a built in CD player, it's a portible I got at Frys because it would play MP3 disks. So there are wires going to both the cigarette lighter and the tape deck just to get the thing to work. I need both as It eats AA batteries too fast. Wires are always tanguing on both the seat controls and the shifter. I can't play CD's on the way home anyway because as soon as this player gets warm it stops working. I can't leave it in the car, and even if I take it in to work to keep it cool it only lasts for about 20 minutes in the afternoon heat.

I had gotten a "CD Visor" to try and reduce at least some of the clutter, but as it turned out the one I got was crap. While trying to change CD's on the way in this morning, I discovered that when it is more than half full you can't get any more discs to go into the slots. It's sewn too tight. While trying to force the disk into the pocket the whole holder thing ripped off and hit my coffee cup. It fell over of course. I could have caught it in time but as I reached for it the inertia seatbelt stopped me. I'm straining against the seatbelt about 2" away from a coffee cup pouring over CD's, the seat, the carpet and the holder, and I can't stop it. The side effect of this was that I now had no coffee.

Construction on Century Blvd. had inbound employee traffic completely blocked That delayed me for about 5 minutes. Then the shuttle bus did it's usual routene of pulling out as I am walking up to it and close enough to hit it with a rock. I think I will test that theory next time.

The Promotion lists for Lead and Supervisor come out today. The hot rumor is that for political reasons, most of the peole chosen for promotion are the "incumbents" or the old contract screeners. This is going to cause a lot of dissention if it turns out to be the case. The supervisor and lead i work for both deserve to be promoted to the jobs they are already doing, and if that isn't going to happen what chance do i have?

To top it all off we had an inspection yesterday and my secret office got found. The people who I work for don't mind me using it or even sleeping in here during breaks as I'm always back on time. It may not rurn out to be a problem, but I would ahve preferred not to have to deal with it.
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