Dwight J. Dutton (titanic) wrote,
Dwight J. Dutton

Kinko's loses a customer. Permanently.

Kinkos will never have me as a customer again. From now on everything is being done at staples.

They have gone to a system where you have to either buy a prepaid card or put your credit card right in the copier. This was b doubt done to prevent people from leaving without paying. It also means you pay in advance for every jam, misfeed, misprint, mistake, and otherwise useless copies. And you can't tell how much it's charging you until you are done and go to a special little booth to find out.

When I went to the only machine they had capable of printing Photoshop images, it took my card, gave me an error message, and said it would do nothing except charge me 40 cents a minute while I attempted to fix it. And since it physically had my Visa card still inside it, I couldn't even leave. I was getting ready with a screwdriver to take the thing apart to get my card back when it finally gave it up. But it never printed anything.

I will decline any charges from Kinkos. And I will never go back until that system is taken out.
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