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White Star Line


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Going to see another musical.

From 1978 to 1998 I saw no stage performances at all. Nothing. Then I went to see the Titanic musical (surprise!) 4 times in 2 different theaters.

Well, for variety I am actually goin to see "The Producers" with my Mother in law near the end of this month. I like Jason Alexander and Martin Short, and since martes doesn't like dressing up for the theater, I took the opportunity to go with a visiting family member.

I watched the laserdisk of the original "Producers" again today. Better than the new movie I went to go see, but I won't go into that.

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mecampbellesq May 17th, 2003
I'm still surprised that people look at me blankly when I say that 'The Producers' is my favorite Mel Brooks movie: For way too many people their knowledge of his films begins and ends with Blazing Saddles...

ruggels May 17th, 2003
Um... I just think you don't like any Hollywood summer movies any more.


X men 2 was good

titanic May 28th, 2003
Matrix 2 was mediocre. But the sequel to X-Men was indeed as good as the original - though that seems extremely difficult to accomplish these days.

loiosh_de_talto May 17th, 2003
*Wonderful* Show. I wish Nathan Lane was still on it though. Springtime for Hitler is... terribly evil and amusing.

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