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White Star Line


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Time for a new bed

I do heavy lifting at my job. I'm careful about how I lift things. Yet today my back hurts. But yesterday I called in sick. I spent the whole day in bed.

My mattress is at least 20 years old and is collapsing in the center. The matching mattress (this is half of a twin set) was replaced years ago.

I'll flip my old mattress over and see if that does any good for now. If not I'll ditch the mattress and just sleep on the box spring. For four years at college I slept on a sheet of plywood with a 2" thick foam rubber pad on it and I was just fine.

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gen May 14th, 2003
I have a cruddy matress as well. It injured Scott's ribs as well as strained his neck. It's kind of funny when I rub the muscle cream on him because it pisses the cat off. She actually wrinkles her face up when she smells it and refuses to sleep on the bed for a few days after that.

I hope that works for ya...

c_eagle May 15th, 2003
If not, I have a Simmons king size mattress (I think) that I can let go super cheap :>

one more note on this one

c_eagle May 16th, 2003
Just in case you get comments emailed to you..

Another friend tells me they also would be fine parting with a mattress they have in storage too, so you have your choice of either one, just by saying the word.

Re: one more note on this one

ex_space_wo May 16th, 2003
I actually have only a twin size bed, which I think is the smallest size. Will theirs fit?

Re: twin

c_eagle May 16th, 2003
I guess not.. :| Both mine and theirs are larger than the twin size.

I spose another option is that you could try sleeping directly on one of these mattresses, if you have floor space for it. That would be more firm than having a box spring underneath, but still probably softer than the conditions you said you had in the service.
If you don't have large sheets though, you may have to get some of those too.

I stand corrected

c_eagle May 18th, 2003
They tell me their bed (set) is a twin, mattress and box spring. It's in storage in Pasadena. No obligation sir, whatever you decide

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