Dwight J. Dutton (titanic) wrote,
Dwight J. Dutton

Toner mystery solved

Apparently a toner cartridge lasts for a particular number of pages. This is independant of the amount of toner used.

If you print all pages of text, you get 5,000 pages out of a cartridge. If you print pages of art or graphics with a lot of black, like jayshell who's art covers the page maybe 60% or more, you go through toner so fast you maybe get a thousand pages before the cart is empty. But it is still mechanically good for just as many pages. I have not yet had a cartridge mechanically fail so I don't know how many pages they will actually print, but the one in teh printer now has been refilled twice and is still working perfectly.

C4096A toner costs $100 each at a retail store. We had been seriously considering wrapping things up and ending the book with issue #50, but refilled toner saved us. I can revive that $100 cartridge for $12. Not only that, but apparently I can get new units on Ebay for about half what they cost in a store.

And our print quality is BETTER than Gallery! Gallery #45 arrived today and the copies of Huzzah printed on the HP2200 look substantially better in terms of print quality. In terms of content quality I could use a dot matrix printer and we would still be better, but that is an opinion....
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