Dwight J. Dutton (titanic) wrote,
Dwight J. Dutton

The morning after

My color printer and my laptop computer both failed to survive the weekend. Since I am effectivly out of the publishing business now I can do without them, and I cannot use a laptop at work anyway. My visor with it's keyboard (what I'm using now) is a lot lighter and more portable for the hour or so I get to use it here. There was never enough spare time at work to make hauling the laptop around worthwhile. I had been using it as another desktop, and a petium 166 is actually a pretty poor desktop these days.

Confurence is also history. Despite all the wailing and moaning about it both here and on AFF, I doubt it's passing will make much of a difference. Just like Rowrbrazzle, it's glory days were already long over.

And I doubt the presence of the Man Show will matter either. There was so little activity at this convention that they used their own cast for just about everything and they could have done that anywhere.

I'm just pissed that I blew two vacation days for this. I could have gone there after work and seen as much as I did, especially since I get Fridays off anyway If I had shelled out $130 for dealers tables and spent the weekend sitting in that dead dealers room I would have been outrigh angry, but as it is I'm just depressed about it..

Anthrocon was already out for this year due to it conflicting with Comicon, and the fact Confurence was supposed to be a valid substitute for going. We will instead be going up to Conifur this year, and in 2004 will be back to attending Anthrocon I suppose, though we will probably not be dealers there again.
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