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White Star Line


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Photo from Confurence 14!

This is about as busy as it got.

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mcgroarty April 26th, 2003
Hope you're joking. :/

It was small last year, but still fun -- nice to see a few faces.

chipuni April 26th, 2003
Ouch. Ouch. Ouch.

Is there any chance we can see the dealers' room?

I'm sorry that I'm not there.

titanic April 26th, 2003
The dealers room had empty tables mid day today (Saturday) A substantial portion of the dealers room had a big elevated platform set up in it that never had anything on it while I was there. It might have been for the dealer breakfast or some such.

3 page rant from Darrel in the program guide - and the only person he mentions specifically by name is L.

L is not happy about that - not like a whole lot of people are going to see this particular program book anyway.

c_eagle April 28th, 2003
Darrel mentioning L was very, VERY tacky... >:|

auryanne April 30th, 2003
And not to mention completely irrelevant. :/

desertcoyote April 26th, 2003
Ouch is right. *eeps*

It got worse

titanic April 26th, 2003
harpyfeathers stayed at the con after we left - and took note of what "the man show" was doing. You might want to go read that.

Re: It got worse

harpyfeathers April 27th, 2003
Yep, you can see why they needed to import their own "talent."
Things were just too low key, and boring to make good mock material. :)

orleans April 26th, 2003
Was it any busier inside the dealers room? At the programming panels etc? I'm kinda curious to see what final numbers they'll get.

titanic April 26th, 2003
Don't believe whatever is published. In the program book Darrel refers to the "700 people who regularly come" - and I have not seen that since CF11.

They are not making people get con badges to go into the art show or dealers room - I imagine to increase traffic as much as possible to artists and dealers who are going to make pathetically little. Consequently he will be able to say after the fact that a lot of people showed up who were not counted. It will be a lie, but it will be said.

By the same token, Darrel put a lot of work into this convention and has nothing to show for it but lost friendships and a LOT of lost money. He's paid the price for his mistake.

ruggels April 26th, 2003
Wow! so Lex, you and Gallacci are just sitting around websirfing on your handheld and talking media and comic stuff? Anyone interesting show up?


titanic April 26th, 2003
It looked like the Conifur that we went to with about 200 or fewer people in attendance. And in a hotel that can handle 5,000, it looks for all the world like nothing is going on.

Death of a Con?

(Anonymous) April 26th, 2003
It's a shame in a way. They've shot themselves in the foot with a bazooka for so many years. Pity the Con has to die of loss of blood.

Roci Stone

Re: Death of a Con?

titanic April 26th, 2003
They shot themselves in the foot when they went to San Diego. They shot themselves in the head when they moved to April. The con shed 1/3 of it's membership every year after that, and the process never ended until the con itself did.

Re: Death of a Con?

doronjosama April 26th, 2003
I agree on the April thing. There was just no way tax-time and a convention trip could be reconciled for me, so we just couldn't go. I haven't been in years.

lockemaison April 26th, 2003
so the location and date change are to blame? is there anything else that caused this? I dunno, I'm not familiar with confurence or anything with the west coast furries.

mecampbellesq April 26th, 2003
It's pretty much common knowledge amongst those who run cons: If you change your locale or date, expect to lose at least 20-25% of your membership. Change your locale AND date? You're pretty much doomed, as your con gets the dreaded 'dying con' vibe. You're better off closing the doors and starting over once you get that, as it's almost impossible to shake.

One more nail in the coffin...

xydexx April 27th, 2003
Is there anything else that caused this?
No discussion of CF's declining attendance and eventual implosion would be complete without a mention of Burned Fur. Considering the problems of CF10 the previous year, Peter Schorn (and others) were doing their best to drive away significant portions of the fandom by running around claiming Burned Furs were running CF11 probably didn't help much, IMHO. Association with Burned Fur has always been considered a liability by most of the fandom, so it wasn't surprising it became a public relations nightmare. By the time Darrel finally disassociated himself from them, the damage was already done.

unciaa April 27th, 2003
Geez. My only con experience was the 2000 AC, so this is... Bare to say the least. This is the lobby?

artyskox April 27th, 2003
AC's gotten larger every year since then too. 2000 was .. hrm..maybe 1999 was my first year? and I've gone every since.

The only thing though.. 10:30am?

Regardless of their being 10 furs or 1000 furs at a con.. I know at least for myself.. I stay up very late and likely wake at 11am at the earliest.

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