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White Star Line


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Nineteen Cents

My base pay rate was $13.53 an hour. On my current pay statement (for money I get on Tuesday) it changed to $13.72. There is no explanation, but I did just score 25 out of a possible 25 on my evaluation report, so maybe this is proficiency pay or something.

It amounts to one additional tank of gas per pay period of two weeks, (and that is before taxes) so it's nothing to raise hoopla about, but still, a raise is a raise.

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chipuni April 25th, 2003

mortonfox April 25th, 2003
25 out of 25 is excellent!

mecampbellesq April 25th, 2003
Hey, at elast you didn't take a pay CUT like I just did: It turns out that I put myself through all that hell alst week for a lousy thirty extra cents an hour....

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