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White Star Line


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Huzzah #49 Won't make Confurence 14

Not that it really matters as neither us nor LX Ltd nor T&I have dealers tables this year.

The Canon BJC 3000 failed as I was trying to print the covers - and in disgust I threw it out. Anybody reading this have a canon BJC 3000 let me know, I have a whole shoebox of supplies for it. Inkjet printers do not like being idle for long periods of time..

I did make a couple of test prints with B&W covers that I will have to show around. One has a lot or printing errors in it and the other only has one that I could see - though others will probably be found over the course of the weekend.

I'm going to have the whole issue commercially printed like I did in the old days. I don't have the time to do it at home anymore and I want the last two issues to look as best as possible.

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c_eagle April 25th, 2003
Thanks for the note.. sorry 'bout the Canon :|

titanic April 25th, 2003
Inkjet printers don't like being idle for months at a time. And I don't print enough color to replace it Even the HP2000DSE B&W Duplex printer is way too much for my needs now :-/

ruggels April 26th, 2003
Take your time, make it look right, and it will probably sell reasonably well at AC. Look forward to see it.


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